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How to navigate cultural differences?

In our interconnected world and increasingly diverse organizations, recognizing the value of differences is essential. 

We help organizations and leaders who wish to improve interactions with members of different cultures, negotiations with partners from other countries, and the inclusion of team members from diverse backgrounds.

Our services include coaching, training, and consulting. Navigate Cultural Diversity and foster Inclusive Leadership with us!

Organizational Impact

Create a sustainable and inclusive environment for your intercultural organization.

After consulting us, our clients, among other things, have

  • set up a mentoring program
  • set up focus groups 
  • broaden metrics for Cultural Diversity
  • provided online awareness training for Cultural Diversity
  • coached executives to enhance their Inclusive Leadership skills and Cultural Agility.

We partner with our clients to:

  • assess their degree of Inclusion, 
  • design specific programs and resources,
  • develop a sustainable and inclusive dynamic.
Step 1 – Vision

During a foundation meeting, we clarify your intentions and investments toward Intercultural Management, Cultural Diversity, and Inclusive Leadership in your organization. 


Step 2 – Assessment

Through interviews, metrics, and a review of your processes, we map your strengths, areas of progress, and blind spots.


Step 3 – Goals settings

We deliver a report and present developmental programs that match your intentions yet offer different fine-tuned goals, scope, timelines, efforts, and expected results.


Step 4 – Planning

Once you choose your program, we co-design detailed planning, allocate resources, and set milestones and success indicators.


Step 5 – Execution

We implement the program and send you intermediate reports.


Step 6 – Review 

Thanks to the success indicators, interviews, and feedback, we review the program, its achievements, and its limitations.


Step 7 – Sustainability check-in

To ensure the sustainability of your efforts towards inclusion, six months after the program’s execution, we check with you about its organizational impact.

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Individual Development

Meet the challenges of Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Leadership.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching is for professionals stepping into greater institutional and managerial responsibility roles. Talented individual contributors may need sustained guidance to face diversity, communication, or leadership challenges effectively. 

Our coaching helps them build new skills to:

  • communicate effectively and constructively across cultures,
  • enable performance in a psychologically safe, collaborative, and inclusive culture,
  • ensure that subordinates and co-workers feel respected, valued, and able to contribute their best,
  • develop and coach every team member equally,
  • promote and develop inclusion,
  • navigate their career path in an ever-evolving and diverse organization,
  • develop their Cultural Agility by connecting Cultural and Emotional Intelligences.

Chemistry meeting

This first meeting is the opportunity to check if the coachee and the coach share the same vision of what coaching is about and are a good match. 


Periodic coaching sessions

. checking in and following up on the previous session

. setting goals for the session

. carrying a conversation that focuses attention, evokes clarity, increases possibilities, supports motivation and growth

. setting accountability


Impact evaluation

A final meeting measures the impact of the coaching on the coachee and, if applicable, their organization.

  1. picture who you are as an inclusive leader
  2. alternate action and reflection to favor inclusion
  3. engage frequently outside your direct circle
  4. suspend judgment
  5. see through different lenses

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The most flexible package
  • 5 sessions with your coach
  • plan whenever you want your sessions over 3 months, starting the day of booking


Achieve your first objectives
  • 1 session par week with your coach
  • during 8 weeks
  • e-mail support


For a sustainable transformation
  • 1 session par week with your coach
  • during 3 months or more
  • e-mail support
  • emergency calls when needed
  • message services (Whatsapp, Signal) support
  • online course "Multiply your options"

Learning experience

Training Programs

Build your learning path toward Inclusive Leadership.

Our extensive offer allows you to choose the modality that suits your needs:

  • live-instructor-led training on-site or virtual
  • online courses on our platform
  • hybrid training that combines trainer-led sessions and online self-paced study
  • standard or tailored programs
training program: Understanding cultural differences

group program – on demand

Understanding cultural differences

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this popular training program for groups.

from 49,- Euros / hour / person

Training program: Leading across cultures

group program – on demand

Leading across cultures

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this training program for small groups.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

1 to 3 persons – on demand

Starting an assignment abroad

Prepare an assignment in a new culture with up-to-date frameworks and broaden communication skills.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

*Design options:

  • duration: 1 hour to 6 hours
  • nb of attendees: 1 to 100 
  • modalities: in-person – online – hybrid
  • mode.s: lecture – hands-on activities – a serious game
  • follow-up: standard – coaching – consulting

group program – on demand

Holding constructive conversations

A short program drawing on conversational skills and real-life exercises to overcome impasses.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

video conferences + learning platform

French language and culture

. at all levels, starts anytime

. seasoned, native speakers

. individuals or small groups

from 20,- euros / hour/ person*  

*package: 10 hours/ 6 participants 

self-study – online

Multiply your options

This course provides complementary insights and/ or downloadable resource to support your growth.

Included in the package 


Coming soon

online – 6 weeks

Build up your Cultural Agility

This course will equip you with additional agility and fitness in intercultural communication.

149,- Euros

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