Do the complexities of Diversity weigh you down?

If so, you're not alone. But the good news is that you don't have to go it alone. You can learn to embrace diversity and create a more inclusive workplace with the proper support and guidance. 

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  • Accelerating Inclusivity Through Coaching May 17, 2024 Dear Reader, With International Coaching Week in full swing, this edition explores the transformative power of coaching to accelerate Inclusivity within diverse teams. Indeed, coaching facilitates self-awareness, emotional and cultural agility, and the ability to lead with integrity and courage. Self-Awareness Through a partnership with my clients, we foster self-awareness, enabling them to approach diversity challenges with humility, openness, and a willingness to learn....Access the full edition here
  • Ensuring every voice is truly listened to May 10, 2024 Dear Reader, Listening is at the core of Inclusive Leadership. This edition explores the usual pillars of Inclusive Leadership more concisely. Self-awareness Allow me to refer to a previous edition of The Inclusive Leadership Spotlight, which lists the saboteurs impacting our listening skills. We better recognize and neutralize them! You will find the list here. Which saboteur impacts the most your listening skills in a diverse environment? What are you learning? Emotional &...Access the full edition here
  • Addressing disagreements within a diverse team May 3, 2024 Dear Reader, This week, we dive into a question many of us grapple with: How can I better address disagreements within a diverse team? Disagreements, though challenging, present opportunities for growth and innovation. However, managing disputes within a diverse team requires skills and techniques that foster mutual respect and open communication. Let’s delve into three cornerstones of addressing disagreement within a diverse team. Self-awareness Cultivating self-awareness and...Access the full edition here
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