Across Cultures & Through Uncertainty

How many of us had foreseen the Covid-19 and its unfolding outcomes? 

The weeks and months ahead of us will challenge our personal and working habits, demand renewed ways to foster trust and empathy in distributed teams and across cultures.

Distance, uncertainty, and spurge of nationalisms will strengthen the hurdles already known by global leaders: less compelling leadership; colliding communication styles; misaligned priorities.

If you are familiar with those challenges, contact us to plan together with your new path to success.


About us

Our mission

Mastering cultural uncertainty is winning the game.

Thélème international helps executive teams to navigate across cultures, multiply their impact in a vast array of intercultural contexts, and yield a competitive advantage.


Who we are

Founded by Catherine Macquart-Martin, Thélème international collaborates with a dozen of consultants from different horizons and cultural backgrounds.


With 25 years of international experience, Catherine brings intercultural expertise.

To navigate successfully across cultures, let's work together to a sustainable strategy.

Our services

What we do

Thanks to our seasoned team, we offer impactful services to help you thrive in a volatile world.


How does your company manage cultural diversity? We help us to assess your policies and practices to help you benefit from the cultural diversity of your team.


In-person, online, tailored, for teams and individuals, our training program delivers insights and actionable outcomes.


Do you have a new assignment abroad? Does your intercultural team need a renewed kind of management? We help us to reassess your professional skills.


Training programs

Based on authentic workplace situations and our research, the 3 parts course “Navigating Personal and Cultural Differences” allows you to develop the skills

  • to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce,
  • to create long-lasting relationships with international stakeholders,
  • to be a figure of constant learning, transformation, agility, and adaption.

The next session will start on Sept. 1, 2020.


39,- euros /

Starts Sept 1st, 2020

At this level, you will learn to:
. overcome the effects of biases;
. identify models and tools that help to understand others' mindset;
. analyze a situation where differences could hinder collaboration.


39,- euros /

Starts Oct 1st, 2020

At this level, you will learn to:
. how to take advantage of personal and cultural differences;
. how to communicate (online) across cultures and diversity.


39,- euros /

Starts Nov 1st, 2020

At this level, you will learn to:
. be an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion;
. help others and organizations to embrace Diversity and Inclusion.

Your Needs First

How to develop your intercultural skills or those of your company? How the cultural diversity of your workforce can enable creativity and resilience? Feel free to reach us out.