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Build a learning path toward Cultural Agility and Inclusive Leadership with our online and in-person training programs.

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Our offer allows you to choose the modality that suits your needs.

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Which programs do we offer?


Examples of training courses that can be combined with one another or with coaching.

On demand programs

*Design options:

  • duration: 1 hour to 6 hours
  • nb of attendees: 1 to 100 
  • modalities: in-person – online – hybrid
  • mode.s: lecture – hands-on activities – a serious game
  • follow-up: standard – coaching – consulting
understanding cultural differences

group program – on demand

Understanding cultural differences

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this popular training program for groups.

from 49,- Euros / hour / person

training program leading across cultures

group program – on demand

Leading across cultures

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this training program for small groups.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

training assignment abroad

1 to 3 persons – on demand

Starting an assignment abroad

Prepare an assignment in a new culture with up-to-date frameworks and broaden communication skills.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

workshop constructive conversations

group program – on demand

Holding constructive conversations

A short program drawing on conversational skills and real-life exercises to overcome impasses.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

online program - self-paced

online – 6 weeks

Build up your Cultural Agility

This course will equip you with additional agility and fitness in intercultural communication.

149,- Euros

Residential seminar in France

Seminaire 2024 agilité culturelle

mai ou juillet 2024

Agilité culturelle, levier de l'Inclusion

à partir de 1024,- Euros / personne

Management interculturel par le coaching, le théâtre et la mise en récit

Vivez l’expérience

Unlock the potential within you or your team and achieve exceptional pursuits

Our intercultural coaching services help you excel in a multicultural workplace, improve your Cultural Agility, and adopt Inclusive Leadership.

Catherine Macquart-Martin coaching

Encourage a sense of belonging and inclusivity within your diverse organization

Activate a sustainable and inclusive dynamic within your teams and throughout your organization.

Inclusion totem

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