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Build a learning path toward Cultural Agility and Inclusive Leadership with our online and in-person training programs.

Extended offer

Our extensive offer allows you to choose the modality that suits your needs:

  • live-instructor-led training on-site or virtual
  • online courses on our platform
  • hybrid training that combines trainer-led sessions and online self-paced study
  • standard or tailored programs


training program: Understanding cultural differences

group program – on demand

Understanding cultural differences

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this popular training program for groups.

from 49,- Euros / hour / person

Training program: Leading across cultures

group program – on demand

Leading across cultures

We partner to fine-tune the design* of this training program for small groups.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

1 to 3 persons – on demand

Starting an assignment abroad

Prepare an assignment in a new culture with up-to-date frameworks and broaden communication skills.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

*Design options:

  • duration: 1 hour to 6 hours
  • nb of attendees: 1 to 100 
  • modalities: in-person – online – hybrid
  • mode.s: lecture – hands-on activities – a serious game
  • follow-up: standard – coaching – consulting

group program – on demand

Holding constructive conversations

A short program drawing on conversational skills and real-life exercises to overcome impasses.

from 69,- Euros / hour / person

video conferences + learning platform

French language and culture

. at all levels, starts anytime

. seasoned, native speakers

. individuals or small groups

from 20,- euros / hour/ person*  

*package: 10 hours/ 6 participants 

self-study – online

Multiply your options

This course provides complementary insights and/ or downloadable resource to support your growth.

Included in the package 


Coming soon

online – 6 weeks

Build up your Cultural Agility

This course will equip you with additional agility and fitness in intercultural communication.

149,- Euros

Unlock the potential within you or your team and achieve exceptional pursuits

Our intercultural coaching services help you excel in a multicultural workplace, improve your Cultural Agility, and adopt Inclusive Leadership.

coaching interculturel

Encourage a sense of belonging and inclusivity within your diverse organization

Activate a sustainable and inclusive dynamic within your teams and throughout your organization.

Thélème international -consulting - inclusion

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