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training cultural agility

Building up your Cultural Agility

Navigating a Diverse Workplace


When she sends e-mails, it’s so complicated! Is she complaining? Does she need help? Very unclear. Very mixed-up.

And worse, when she’s told to improve her communication, she thinks she’s at risk!

Does this office conversation sound an alarm? Would you be more effective with fewer of those chicaneries? While there is a growing consensus to support Cultural Diversity, the day-to-day operations are also more sensitive. “Unclear” or “un-friendly” emails cloud the mailboxes. Impromptu phone calls or complete silence blur the communication. Too long or too cold meetings plague the timetable. The list could go on. The multiplicity of communication styles, (unspoken) value systems, and (unconscious) expectations transform the workday into an exhausting hurdle race. 


This online course will foster your fitness for Cultural Diversity in the workplace. Drawing on real-life cases and interdisciplinary research, you will build the awareness and muscles to face the hurdles of Cultural Diversity. You will be provided with the know-how to become more agile and fit in successful intercultural communication.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • map your Cultural Profil
  • define Culture and reflect on several models
  • identify personal and cultural preferences
  • enhance mutual understanding and well-being in a diverse team
  • identify skills to collaborate and thrive in a diverse team
  • plan your personal development as an Inclusive Leader

Who should attend?

  • individuals working in international organizations or organizations with groups from diverse cultural backgrounds,
  • expatriates looking to develop mutual understanding and collaboration in their intercultural workplace,
  • Diversity and Inclusion professionals wishing to introduce intercultural communication into their models and frameworks.

What is included?

  • unlimited access to online content,
  •  videos, transcripts,
  • quizzes and guided reflection to foster your knowledge and transform them into skills,
  • certificate of completion

What makes this course different?

  • research-based and practical
  • short lectures
  • actionable takeaways
  • strong engagement through challenges
  • designed to make your learning stick
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