Intercultural & Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Leadership in today’s globalized world requires a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, cultures, and communication styles.


Based on the Co-Active model and storytelling techniques, our coaching approach focuses on self-awareness, augmented leadership, and Emotional and Cultural Agility.


My coaching:

  • enhances your satisfaction as a leader,
  • fosters innovation and creativity in your teams,
  • increases the attractiveness of organizations.

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Inclusive leadership coaching package

Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

Engaging in self-reflection is valuable for leveraging the strengths of a diverse team while ensuring personal balance. This program provides a personalized approach that combines individual coaching and self-directed learning to help you identify your leadership style and acquire the techniques and attitudes necessary to succeed as an Inclusive Leader.
Building an Inclusive culture

Building an Inclusive Culture

This coaching program aims to empower teams to build an inclusive culture where all members feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. Through a combination of group coaching sessions, individualized support, and actionable strategies, participants will develop the skills and awareness necessary to foster an environment of inclusivity within their team.
Thriving in a diverse workplace

Thriving in a diverse workplace

This coaching program enhances communication skills and increases Cultural Agility for diverse and intercultural workplaces.
Designing your future coaching package

Designing your future

When your career involves working with diverse cultures and requires constant adaptability, taking time off to reflect and gain a fresh perspective can be a valuable step toward achieving your goals. A customized blend of coaching and self-paced learning can help you identify your unique strengths and guide you toward actionable steps that will lead you to your desired career or life path.
stater individual coaching program


Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed by your current objectives? This coaching package is designed to help you gain clarity, a fresh perspective, and sustainable progress toward operational success.

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Mentoring includes advising and guiding based on the experience of the mentor.

The coaching process does not include advising.  It instead focuses on the coachee’s knowledge and strengths to reach their objectives.

What can you expect?

Posts on intercultural coaching

Intercultural coaching

Seeking Feedback to Enhance Cultural Agility

Seeking feedback is a valuable practice for leveraging intercultural communication. However, it can be challenging to navigate feedback in an intercultural environment. In this post, we will explore the importance of seeking feedback and provide practical steps to embrace feedback to foster Cultural Agility.

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Intercultural coaching

Cultural Agility: How Intercultural Coaching Nurtures Self-Awareness

This article explores the importance of self-awareness in Cultural Agility and how intercultural coaching facilitates its development. Intercultural coaching empowers clients to navigate cultural complexities and foster inclusive leadership by identifying biases, challenging assumptions, adjusting mindsets, and enhancing Inclusive Leadership.

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5 misconceptions about intercultural coaching
Intercultural coaching

Five Misconceptions about Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural coaching is a new concept in organizations, which aims to manage cultural differences, promote well-being, and manage uncertainty and innovation. Let’s explore the benefits of cross-cultural coaching by debunking five common misconceptions.

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You might also find insights and reflexive activities in our e-book.

Navigating Cultural Diversity

5 Steps to Enhancing your Inclusive Leadership

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