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'Thélème', our values

Product of Rabelais’s fertile imagination, Thélème is the first utopia of French literature.

This abbey, offered by Gargantua to a friend of his, allows Rabelais to describe a society without constraints or conflicts as its residents, men and women, have by nature a sense of honor and self-regulation.

Inspired by this humanist vein, we postulate that education, diversity, and responsibility are the pillars of societies and organizations that offer equal opportunities to their members.

We are committed to foster those values through our actions and engagements.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Vernā Myers

More about the company

Since 2008

Founded in 2008 by Catherine Macquart-Martin in the Netherlands and then relocated to France, Thélème international was first dedicated to education. Our consultants have trained teachers and advised educational organizations and ministries in more than 30 countries.
Back in The Netherlands in 2018, Thélème international broadens its scope. We deliver our services to leaders and organizations who want to accelerate their agility in a fast-moving, interconnected, and complex world. Thélème international collaborates with seasoned consultants from different horizons and backgrounds.

founder and Director

More about Catherine

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and operational roles, Catherine brings expertise to organizations across cultures, languages, and countries.

Her involvement in the public and private sectors, in international education and diplomacy, with colleagues, partners, and clients from more than 45 nationalities led Catherine to develop an interest in Cultural Diversity. Her current focus is the required conditions for operational Inclusion in organizations of all sizes, with different views on how Diversity can strengthen their organizational culture and foster their employees’ growth.

Catherine’s approach helps you debunk the tensions among a diverse workforce, seize the opportunities of varied perspectives and communication styles, and develop resilience amid uncertainty.

She defines herself as a constant learner and has recently undertaken a certification program as a coach. Furthermore, Catherine is a keen cyclist, insatiable reader, and proud mother of 3 young adults.

"Cultural diversity and constant learning are the pillars of a resilient organization.”
Catherine Macquart-Martin

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