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Whether you are a complete beginner, you want to brush up your conversation skills, or you need to prepare a certification, you will find a French Course that suits you.


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A Language course by Thélème international


Our native-speaker trainers are experts in language and culture teaching.

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We offer tailored courses that fit your learning goals.

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Your dedicated online space enriches the trainer-led video sessions.


Courses start anytime. Different packages are available to fit your needs and your time-table.

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Questions And Answers

10+ unlimited access to the platform + 10 hours trainer-led video *

 15+ unlimited access to the platform + 15 hours trainer-led video *

Focus 3 – 3 trainer-led video sessions + platform on a very specific communicative goal**

Focus 10 – unlimited access to the platform + 10 hours trainer-led video on a particular purpose**

*apply to Conversation and General French courses

** apply to Specialized courses

The price range starts at 25,50 EUR per person and per hour for a 10+ package for four people.

Specialized courses have different fees depending on your needs.

Contact us for more details.

No refund can be made. 

Yet, your trainer leads the free interview video. Therefore, you can see her or his style before the start of the course.

With a 48h prior notice, a session can be canceled and re-scheduled

Conversation courses and general French courses are the most popular. Yet, some classes have a short duration and a targeted goal: How to network with French speakers?

We aim at making you confident in real-life situations. 

E-books, videos, sounds, real-life documents, and a personalized space on our platform are blended to maximize your learning experience.

During the sessions with your trainer, you are encouraged to practice your oral skills. 

Online exercises reinforce your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Furthermore, we consider cultural and intercultural skills as a core element of language learning.

You agree with your trainer on an amount of homework.

Keep in mind that language learning is a long process. To be successful, we recommend that you train daily, even for a few minutes.


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We do not store nor share your details.

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