Building up your Cultural Agility

Building up your Cultural Agility Navigating a Diverse Workplace Starts in March 2023 Starts in March 2023 Description When she sends e-mails, it’s so complicated! Is she complaining? Does she need help? Very unclear. Very mixed-up. And worse, when she’s told to improve her communication, she thinks she’s at risk! Does this office conversation sound …

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Multiply your options

Through coaching sessions, you invest in your personal development. Great! Optimize the experience with the online course: “Multiply your options” Learning Easy learning thanks to an adapted structure   The course is structured around References: personal development keywords presented progressively and clearly to facilitate the acquisition of new concepts. Techniques accompany each Repères and offer …

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Navigating personal and cultural differences – Level 1

Online course Self-paced course Description The three parts course “Navigating Personal and Cultural Differences” allows you to gain insights and hand-on approaches to reap the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce, to create long-lasting relationships with international stakeholders, to help create an inclusive workplace, to be a figure of constant learning, innovation and Inclusion. Level …

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