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Navigating personal and cultural differences – Level 1

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The three parts course “Navigating Personal and Cultural Differences” allows you to gain insights and hand-on approaches

  • to reap the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce,
  • to create long-lasting relationships with international stakeholders,
  • to help create an inclusive workplace,
  • to be a figure of constant learning, innovation and Inclusion.

Level 1

Level 1 of the course will raise the benefits of cultural diversity and provide actionable techniques to amplify them.

Following levels

Level 2 will help you and your organization to take full advantage of differences, create long-lasting relationships among global teams, partners, and markets, and yield a competitive advantage.

Level 3 takes you to the next stage of inclusion, continuous learning, and agility. The mindset and tools that you will acquire in this final part will allow you to advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Who should attend?

  • professionals who wish to understand the value of diversity in their workplace
  • leaders who want to foster innovation and creativity by designing teams that promote diverse perspectives and ideas
  • individuals who want to mitigate biases and help create a more inclusive workplace.

What are this objectives of this Level 1?

Mitigating the impact of biases and assumptions

  • Understanding our decision-making process
  • Understanding the impact of biases and assumptions on the performance
  • Identifying some biases in a diverse workplace
  • Mitigating biases and assumptions
Addressing Cultural Diversity
  • Exploring different personalities
  • Describing cultural dimensions
  • Amplifying culturally diverse teams
Turning the lessons from Level 1 into actions
  • Wrapping-up takeaways from Level 1
  • Planing some personal actions  

What is included?

  • unlimited access to the online content,
  •  videos, transcripts,
  • quizzes and guided reflection to foster your knowledges and transform them into skills,
  • certificate of completion.
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