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Intake test

Intake test

Step 1

First, answer some questions regarding your expectations and requests.

Then, please take a quick test that will help us design your course or find a group that suits you.


The test is progressive
It means that questions are more and more demanding.
When a question is too difficult, leave a blank answer.
To submit the test, go to the last step.
1. Select the correct verb.
2. Fill in the blanks.
4. Fill in the blanks with "aller", "faire", "venir" in present.
5. Fill in the blanks with verbs in brackets and in past.
6. Fill in the blanks with personal pronouns (mon, ton, son...).
9. Fill in the blanks with "qui" or "que".
11. Conjugate the verbs in brackets in the past or present tenses.
14. Fill in the blanks with "qui", "que", "dont" or "où".
16. D'après vous, quelles sont les obligations des journalistes. Complétez les phrases suivantes:
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