Why Diversity and Inclusion should still be a core strategy amid the crisis

Amid the present times’ uncertainty, one can already expect that the New Normal will reshape workplaces, supply chains, customers’ demands, and social cohesion. In the light of the 2008-09 crisis, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) may recede priorities. At that time, banks with higher gender diversity were less hit than their peers. Still, diversity programs had been put on hold. Despite that, D&I bolster the skills needed to recover from the current crisis and draw the scenarios for an uncertain future.

4 proven advantages of a diverse and inclusive organization
1. Unparalleled decision-making processes 

Because diverse teams adopt multiple perspectives, deter biases and blind-spots, and are more prone to deliver creative solutions. 


2. Continuous learning

Because inclusive teams have more discussions about their processes and accountability, they bolster a continuous learning loop.


3. Larger clients and stakeholders’ insights

Because of their broader demographic representation, diverse teams spot and seize disruptions in demand, spikes of new trends, deter unethical actions and communication.


4.Increased satisfaction of the team members

Because diversity and remote-working will reshape the talent-pool and increase (although under certain conditions), organizations will have opportunities to recruit and retain a motivated workforce whose members feel entitled to voice their point of view and actively contribute.

Maintaining and embracing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Whatever the degree of maturity of your Diversity and Inclusion policies and programs, the crisis should not deprioritize them, nor should they have a window-dressing role in the lights of renewed social demand.

Our D&I Scale can help you develop or maintain your Diversity and Inclusion strategy from this perspective.

This easy-to-use Overview of the D&I Scale provides you with:

1. Support to initiate a conversation about D&I 

Among the practices that enable inclusion, resilience, and creativity, holding an on-going conversation within teams about their working-habits, needs, routines, or decision-making process is a powerful enabler. This Scale can help you start a discussion about the level of Diversity and Inclusion in your organization and collect insightful learnings from your teams while reinforcing the sense of belonging.


2. A concise assessment tool

Thanks to the Overview version’s conciseness, different stakeholders can relate to the Scale to assess the current level of D&I in any organization. 


3. Milestones that bolster continuous efforts and learning

As the transformation from one stage to the next demands conscious and long-term efforts, the clear expected milestones help to maintain persistence and learning over time.

From conversation to transformation

We hope that the Scale will help teams lift the — often defensive — conversation on meritocracy, lack of valuable candidates from minority groups, and a growth conversation.

Furthermore, the Scale – whether in this Overview or the full version – fosters sustainable engagement and attention to detail. Both were missing when Volkswagen launched a recent ad campaign. The later depicts a large white hand manipulating a black-skinned man in front of a restaurant called Petit Colon. The carmaker’s internal investigation highlighted a lack of cultural sensitivity and diversity among the staff. 

If you are interested in this full Scale or any guidance about Diversity and Inclusion amid the uncertainty, please contact us here. Feel also free to share below your experience and insights in a mutual growth mindset!

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